Jingdezhen City Leader Meiyi Shi Long Industrial Research

Time: [2017-04-20]

June 16, 2016, Jingdezhen City, deputy secretary of the municipal government party secretary Mei also came to Jiangxi Shilong Industrial Co., Ltd., to reduce business costs, optimize the development of environmental work to conduct research. Jingdezhen City and Leping City leaders Wu Longqiang, Lu Zhengda, Liu Chaoyang, Luo Xuan, Pan Saixin, Bi Changchun, Wang Jincai, Shi Long Industrial Director, General Manager Wang Guo, accompanied by research.

Wang Guoqing, general manager of the warm reception of the Mayor and other city leaders and his party, and the city leaders to report the company's production and operation: Shilong Industrial products this year is very popular, more than last year, exports of more substantial growth; Environmental protection, clean production have reached a new level; domestic leading ion-exchange membrane caustic soda production line (with an annual output of 300,000 tons of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda three) is expanding. Mayor and other city leaders and his party, then visited the company with an annual output of 300,000 tons of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda first and second production workshop, asked in detail the Shi Long Industrial electricity situation, that the company's annual electricity consumption reached 600 million kwh, Mei is also very pleased to tell the leader of the research, the provincial government introduced a policy to reduce the cost of enterprises, electricity can be a lot of concessions.

Mei Yizhong, Wu Longqiang, Luo Xuan and other leaders of the development and contribution of the industry expressed satisfaction.

The company's other leaders at home Wang Shoufa, Wang Xinquan, Gao Zhonghua, accompanied by Wang Guoqing, general manager accompanied the city also led the investigation.

(Zongjing Ban Shao Henggan 2016-06-08)

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