AC factory continued to carry out anti-accident emergency drills

Time: [2017-04-20]

To further improve the company's front-line staff in the sudden accident under the personal self-protection ability and the disposal of production accidents comprehensive ability to enhance staff awareness of fire safety and self-protection awareness, reduce or avoid the consequences of fire accidents, May 26, 2016 ~ 28 at 8:30 am, AC factory to carry out anti-accident emergency drills. Drill exercises: dry fire drill.

8:30, with the exercise of the general commander Shi Ronghong's order, the participating staff, perform their duties, and actively cooperate with the accident handling orderly, successfully completed the exercise task. This exercise involves drying and feeding, drying materials, acid centrifuges, air transport, boutique factory and other departments.

After the exercise, the integrated management department, Anhuan department, production department, AC factory in a timely manner to summarize the exercise, the process for the analysis of the problems discussed, participants have put forward their own views and suggestions. Observe the staff during the exercise of the staff dress, tools and equipment use, reporting and a series of work one by one to comment on the existing problems and improve the measures.

The exercise to break the traditional exercise model, to carry out practical exercises, the entire process at all levels of staff in close cooperation to achieve the desired results. Fully tested the AC-plant emergency response and accident handling capacity, and further enhance the staff to deal with unexpected situations of emergency response, cooperation and cooperation with the ability to improve the sense of safety, a solid security to do a safe and stable operation.

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